Workers Compensation

Have you been injured on the job?  Workplace injuries are an unfortunate risk.  Make the right call to Fowkes Rodkey for help in navigating the Workers’ Compensation process. 

Remember, your employer and its insurance carrier have a financial incentive to do everything in their power to try to minimize your claim.  But you are the person who is injured and you should have someone on your side to help fight for all the benefits you are entitled to receive.

First, when an injury at work occurs it is critical to have immediate intervention to preserve the evidence of the accident scene and any product or instrumentality that may have caused you harm.  Your employer may want to clean up to resume production but you should not let your rights to recovery be thrown in the trash.  Fowkes Rodkey has experience with using the appropriate legal tools to preserve accident scenes and defective products so that evidence vital to your recovery is not lost, misplaced or destroyed.

Why is this essential?  While your employer may only be responsible for worker’s compensation benefits, there may be other parties potentially responsible for your injuries, pain and suffering and lost earning capacity such as a manufacturer of a defective product or a subcontractor against whom you may have a claim for damages. 

Make the right call to Fowkes Rodkey when you get hurt at work.