Construction Disputes

The lawyers at Fowkes Rodkey have represented clients large and small in a variety of construction disputes, arbitrations and litigation relating to mechanic’s liens, breach of construction contracts, the validity of cost over-runs and change orders and claims under the Pennsylvania Contractor and Subcontractor Payment Act.  For example, in Washington Engineering & Construction, Co., v. Nitrochem, LLC., 58 Pa. D&C 4th 195 (Fayette County 2002) Joe Rodkey successfully represented a landowner opposing a mechanics’ lien and a subcontractor act claim.  On the other hand, Fowkes Rodkey attorneys have helped many clients successfully assert mechanic lien claims against deadbeat owners of property.

Attorney Rodkey has been at the forefront of cutting edge litigation on the issue of whether a contractor or subcontractor can assert a mechanics’ lien on a Marcellus gas well and the production therefrom. Attorney Rodkey has filed many mechanics’ liens on Marcellus gas wells in many different counties in Pennsylvania and has very recently defeated oil company arguments that the Pennsylvania Mechanics’ Lien Law does not apply to Marcellus gas wells.